Wazimo is...

Located in the heart of Tel Aviv, Wazimo is a full-service, pioneering digital media company dedicated to combining engaging content with leading RTB capabilities.

Wazimo Content

With more than a dozen O&O websites, our editors live and breathe online trends. The team is dedicated to bring top engaging stories to our audience through our premium websites.

Wazimo RTB

Starting as an internal monetization platform, our RTB solution has evolved into a Full-stack Ad Tech Platform. Our goal is to simplify programmatic advertising and provide our partners with a scalable easy solution for all their needs.


Why we do it better

Websites that wow

Each of our websites is carefully thought out down to the very last dot. We build highly visual, attractive, easy-to-navigate platforms so that visitors always have an enjoyable experience.

Content is King

We know content rules the world, which is why we have built a strong editorial team to produce captivating, shareable content. Basically, this team know what stories our audiences are looking for, even before they do.

The Perfect Match

We consistently strive to create the perfect match between our advertisers and buyers. We offer a wide range of interesting advertising opportunities which create high visitor engagement as well as lots of happy people.

A Captivated Audience

We know Generation X inside and out. Each of our websites is optimized to their interests and behaviour so we can build brands they love.

Our Gems

Our websites are our pride and joy. We have developed high-impact platforms that present a range of lifestyle content - from news to entertainment, sports to fashion, food to travel.
For a full list including links, please contact our sales team.



With our innovative Supply Side Platform (SSP) we aim to get the most out of each impression and provide our customers the best advertising experience possible.

Getting Ahead of Real-Time

Use our innovative technology to connect inventory to targeted advertisers at any single moment.

Full Transparency
Gain full control over media budgets. Transparent and comprehensive buying at every step.
Brand Safety
Wazimo's content policy is aligned with IAB and AAAA category guidelines. Our back-end quality assurance mechanism filters demand partners and assures the highest compliance.
Preferred Demand Partners
Our valued demand partners enjoy extensive data analysis for precise targeting. Buy the best inventory at the most relevant price.

Wazimo's Main Features


Easily align your inventory across all platforms and devices. Save time and effort with one simple integration.


Using our advanced algorithms and servers, we can push RTP to the maximum without any limitation.


Our data scientists work hard to boost the value of ads by integrating extensive user information which increase their attractiveness to advertisers.


We are completely devoted to delivering maximum value. We pride ourselves on being able to complete new integrations faster than our competitors.


We sell billions of ads each month across seven continents. Enjoy our global experience by selling inventory internationally.


No matter how specific your demand is - we will match it. With data centers spread across the world, all premium publishers are available in one place at the click of a button.


Data is the core of our business. Our in-house technology allows you to direct access to this data at no additional costs.


Buying with the help of AI is nothing but science. Let us do the science while you count the ROI.


Our Team Loves Going The Extra Mile
(Even When It’s Totally Unnecessary)